to kill a mockingbird questions

to kill a mockingbird questions

To Eliminate a Mockingbird Test 1 1. Boo Radley is Mr. Radley’s boy and he lives on Jem’s street. His name is Arthur and he is referred to as the town’s phantom who just comes out in the evening. Boo signs up with the bad crowd and he resists arrest and assists his buddies lock an officer in the court house outhouse. His daddy locks him up in their house as a penalty for Boo rather of him going to the state commercial school. Boo Radley has not been seen for fifteen years, however after he stabs his daddy with scissors he is removed to the courthouse basement and lots of people see him, however when he is taken house no one has actually seen him considering that. Burris Ewell is the filthiest human Scout has ever seen. He is very poor and his neck is dark gray, the back of his hands are rusty and his fingernails are black. He does not have a mom and he has concerned the very first day of grade one for the last three years. On the first day of school Burris discovers lice in his hair and Miss Caroline tries to send him house, but Burris states that he is leaving for the year and as he leaves he calls Miss Caroline a “snot nosed slut of a teacher”.

Atticus states that the Ewells are a disgrace of Maycomb for 3 generations and they have the liberty to go to school, but they have no desire and it is pointless to force somebody to go to school. He likewise states that they have never done an honest day’s work and they hunt and trap illegally. 3. Jem presses the tire with Scout inside as tough as he can down the pathway since he is angry at Scout. Scout can’t put her give out to stop herself and Jem can’t capture the tire as he follows it yelling.

The tire rolls throughout the roadway crashing into a barrier and Scout is thrown onto the pavement. Scout lands in front of the Radley’s house actions and gets up dizzily and lacks the yard. Jem is required to face the lawn to recover the tire. Scout hears somebody inside the Radley house laughing. 4. Jem, Scout and Dill sneak into Mr. Radley’s backyard on the last night of summer. It is dark out and first Dill tries searching in the side window, but he can not see anything.

Next Jem goes up the deck and as he is browsing the window, he sees a shadow on the deck with a hat and it strolls towards him. After the shadow vanishes Jem leaps off the patio and runs to the back fence with Scout and Dill. Dill and Scout slip under the fence after they hear a shotgun fire into the air. Jem gets caught under the fence and as he crawls out his trousers get detached. When Jem leaves his pants they are all tangled and he can’t get them loose from the fence, however when he goes to get them they are folded across the fence and waiting for him.

Someone stitches up his trousers, however not in a very expert way. 5. Jem realizes that Boo Radley has been leaving him and Search gifts in the tree knot hole which Nathan Radley seals it up, so Boo can’t have a relationship with the kids. Jem lastly feels sorry for Boo and comprehends how awful his life is and how all Boo wishes to do is have relationships. Jem feels responsible for a few of Boo’s discomfort and he feels unfortunate he can’t help Boo.