To Kill A Mockingbird Setting Of Chapter 6 Analysis

To Kill A Mockingbird Setting Of Chapter 6 Analysis

In chapter 6, settings plays a significant role in contributing to the story’s plot advancement and the understanding of characters, including their thoughts, actions, etc. The settings first takes place at Miss Rachel’s lawn.

“Jem whistled bob-white and Dill answered in the darkness”

As Jem and Scout leap over the wall, Jem states

“Not a breath blowing”

Harper Lee, To Eliminate A Mockingbird Setting

Harper Lee utilizes indirect characterization by speech to reveal deadness and (,) solitude (and hollowness). Then Dill recommends “delicately” to opt for a walk.

Scout’s ideas to it is they must be hiding something and she thinks Dill sounds “fishy” and specifies that no one in Maycomb just choose a walk. Harper Lee uses in direct characterization by character’s thoughts. Using language “fishy” which suggests inexpressive show us Hunt anticipates that Jem and Dill plan to do something at the Radley’s home. This is likewise foreshadowing the weapon shot event and something unfavorable will occur later on. When Scout, Jem and Dill is at the Radley place, they try to make a peek through the window, however the curtains block their views.

To Kill A Mockingbird Setting Of Chapter 6

Making the story more extreme since the readers do not know what will happen next. Dill then recommends to try the back window. Scout right away replys with

“Dill, no”

Harper Lee, To Eliminate A Mockingbird Setting

Harper utilizes indirect characterization by speech. The no is in italic (a-ta-lic) which shows Scout is really severe about it. The chapter continue constructing the suspension using light and darkness. Since Scout says feel less inviting in the dark at the back of the Radley’s home in addition to utilizing the shadow of the person who shoots at them and Scout feels safe when they are walking to the street light.

We can get a much better understanding of characters and how they develop through the settings. At the end of the story the settings take place at the Radley’s home. Harper Lee uses indirect characterization through Jem’s speech. Jem wakes up and go back to Radley’s house and take his pants back. However, Scout is trying to stop him as she utilizes Atticus as a hazard since she loves her bro, as a returns, Jem is threatening Scout by eliminating her. This shows when Jem can be persistent and identify in a desperate scenario.

Nevertheless Scout says

“It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I initially started to part company.”

Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird Setting

She thinks Jem should be sincere with Atticus rather than getting injured by returning to the Radley’s house. This is a sign that Scout is beginning to see the value of honesty and trust. In conclusion, the plot and characters developments can be provided in the changes of settings. As settings tell us the time, location, social and religious environment, etc.