To Kill a Mockingbird-Social Hierarchy

To Kill a Mockingbird-Social Hierarchy

Social Hierarchy is very important in small towns such as Maycomb, Alabama in To Eliminate A Mockingbird. In little towns you tend to understand the majority of the people that live there, and more about them. There are likewise more tricks and reports, and some secrets, like the Radley’s. The residents in the town might be more mindful about what they state and do since they are insecure, and more individuals understand them. Most people might know the social classes in the town, and where they are on the ladder.

From the top of the ladder to the bottom, the social hierarchy for the characters would be Scout Finch, Walter Cunningham, Little Chuck Little, Burris Ewell, Miss Caroline Fisher, and Calpurnia. At the top of the social structure in the novel are the white guys. Among them as which is Atticus Finch, and Scout Finch being is his daughter makes her above the rest. Walter Cunningham is below them. Despite the fact that he is a tough worker, he is not able to afford anything, and is considered white trash. He is a farmer, his position is above the African Americans and the Ewells.

Even if they were white trash didn’t suggest they weren’t constantly bad individuals. He is so bad he needs to pay Atticus Finch for his operate in presents such as food. “They never took anything off of any person, they get along on what they have.” (Lee 20) Little Chuck Little and Burris Ewell are next to each other in the social ladder, but Little Chuck Little is on top. This is since the Ewells are the most affordable of the low among the whites in Maycomb, they are likewise called white trash. Burris Ewell is likewise unclean, and he can be disrespected by others for that, like when Miss Caroline discovered the cootie in his hair. I was simply strolling by when it crawled out of his hair … simply crawled out of his hair.” (26 )

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Burris Ewell’s daddy is lazy and a drunk, and wasn’t respectful of other people. Individuals do not really like Burris Ewell, or his father. Bob Ewell got his family and himself a bad track record, because that’s what he chose, he strengthened their bad reputation, which reveals that he doesn’t look after his children. Miss Caroline Fisher and Calpurnia are both working females.

The only reason Calpurnia is lower on the social structure is simply due to the fact that she is black. She has all of the qualities of a southern ladies, she has excellent manners, and he is appreciated by the Finch household. She would remain in the same social class as Atticus if she wasn’t black. Miss Caroline was not at the top of the ladder, but she wasn’t listed below Calpurnia. She was in the middle. The social hierarchy in To eliminate a Mockingbird is based on race and wealth, and sometimes respect. However the regard comes from race and wealth. If you are white and rich you are high on the social structure. If you are black, you are immediately at the bottom of the social ladder. Even though the majority of the people are bad, some are still higher up then others when it concerns social hierarchy.