To Kill a Mockingbird Statement of Intent

To Kill a Mockingbird Declaration of Intent

Thomas Robinson was a twenty two years of age African American man in Maycomb County. He had a spouse, Helena Robinson and 3 kids. Mr. Robinson operated in Mr. Link Deas’ field selecting cotton. Because Mr. Robinson was African American, his level of education was a little different than a white person living in Maycomb. This Led to him speaking a little bit more slang than a white individual in Maycomb. For example, throughout a conversation in court with Atticus Finch, Mr. Robinson said “No suh, Mr. Finch, I never did. I wouldn’t do that, suh.” (Page 192).

In my performance Script, I referenced to Atticus as a real friend. Atticus currently had a strong hatred for prejudice, and for him to find out about Mr. Robinson’s case, he readily selected to safeguard Mr. Robinson in court, in spite of what his friends and neighbors in Maycomb would say. Atticus thought that “You’ll see white males cheat black guys every day– whenever a white guy does that to a black guy, no matter who he is, how abundant he is, or how fine a household he originates from, that white man is garbage.” (Page 220). Atticus defended Mr. Robinson till the very end.

I also pointed out Atticus since the audience would feel more regret for Thomas as he ‘describes’ what all occurred with Mayella. Seeing as though, through everything, when nobody wanted to think Tom, there was still a white male by his side. Thomas Robinson’s primary conflict in the novel, To Eliminate a Mockingbird, is the accusations between him and Mayella and overall, the trial at the end. So, in my script, I included what occurred to Tom as he strolled back and forth to work every morning and his encounters with Mayella, as she continually requests him of his assistance.

Thomas’ work was to choose cotton in Mr. Link Deas’ field. So during my Efficiency, my outfit matches what one would wear while strolling to a field to choose cotton. In my script, Thomas Robinson’s tone is that he’s frightened, anxious or merely upset. This is since two times in the book whether Tom was frightened was mentioned throughout court. The very first time was when Atticus asks Tom why he was frightened, and Tom responds “Mr. Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you ‘d be frightened too.” (Page 195). The second time was when Mr.

Gilmer, while harshly cross analyzing, asks Tom why he would be frightened, and Tom truthfully responds” No suh’, scared I ‘d hafta confront what I didn’t do.” Overall, Thomas Robinson was an innocent male that got captured up in a little woman’s lies and misunderstandings. He was a tough employee and never caused problem, as Mr. Link Deas yelled out into the courtroom, on behalf of Tom, throughout the trial. Thomas told the fact, and that’s what I attempted to show into my Performance script. A guy that had no need to lie, that had sensations and a household. An innocent male.