To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide Answers

To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide Responses

Chapter 1

1. What point-of-view is the story told in?– It is told by the storyteller, Scout.

2. What is the name of the town where the novel is set?– Maycomb

3. The narrator passes the label “Scout.” What is her genuine name?– Jean Louise “Scout” Finch

4. What does the narrator’s father do for a living?– He’s a legal representative

5. What occurred to Jem and Scout’s mom?

She died

6. Who is Calpurnia? How do the Finches treat her? Explain.

Calpurnia is the finche’s cook, She is dealt with like their mother.

7. Who is Dill?

Dill is their buddy who goes to on the weekends

8. Who is Boo Radley? Discuss the children’s understanding of Boo. Specify.

Boo is a male who nobody has seen for many years. He’s thought to be some sort of scary male. Ex. killer or beast.

9. What brave act does Jem perform at the end of this chapter?

Jem runs over and touches boo’s home

Chapters 2-3:

10. What does Miss Caroline tell the storyteller that she can no longer make with Atticus?

Miss Caroline states that she can no longer check out with her dad.

11. What compromise does Atticus make with the storyteller after becoming aware of this?

Atticus says she needs to keep going to school, and he will continue reading to her.

12. The Cunninghams are thought about “poor however happy. What is implied by this?

It means that they do not have a lot of cash however they are pride individuals who strive.

Pertinent Subjects Readers Likewise Pick

  • Search Character Traits

13. Why does Miss Caroline tell Burris Ewell to go house?

Due to the fact that she gave him a quarter to buy lunch and he need to pay her back.

14. Miss Caroline, like the reader, is new to Maycomb. What lesson does she rapidly gain from her trainees?

New strategies to teach them with.

15. How is Calpurnia an excellent impact on Scout?

Calpurnia is like a mom to Hunt because she teaches her good manners and how to act.

Chapters 4-5:

16. Call 2 things the kids discover in the knothole of the oak tree.

They discover gum and pennies.

17. Explain the new video game the kids start to play.

They start to play a game called “Boo Radley” where they do things with his home.

18. Call two reasons Scout wants to stop playing this new game.

Atticus told them to stop playing it, and she believes she sees someone viewing them.

19. How does Miss Maudie feel about Arthur “Boo” Radley?

She thinks that he is or was great, however he is how he is now since of abuse.

Chapter 6:

20. How does Jem lose his pants?

his trousers got captured on a fence.

21. Why doesn’t Hunt want Jem to return to recover his pants?

Becauase it’s dangerous and late in the evening.

Chapter 7-8

22. When Jem slips out of the house to obtain his pants, what does he discover that puzzles him?

His trousers were lying throughout the fence like they were expecting him. And they were sewed.

23. Why does Nathan Radley inform the children he sealed the knothole shut with cement? Do you believe him? Why or why not? Support your action with a particular information from the book.

He stated he filled it due to the fact that the tree was dying. I do not believe him because I believe that boo is the one offering the little presents.

24. What occurs in chapter 8 that hardly ever takes place in Alabama?

Light snow fell

25. In chapter eight, why does Atticus drag the kids out of bed in the middle of the night?

Miss maudie’s house was on fire

26. Who drapes the blanket around the storyteller?

Boo Radley

27. What conclusions are you beginning to draw about Boo?

He has been connecting with the characters a lot.

Chapter 9:

28. Why does Scout beat up Cecil Jacobs?

Since he said, “Scout Finch’s daddy protects niggers. “

29. Who is Atticus’ newest client? Why has Atticus chose to protect this male?

Tom Robinson, and he must argue it to promote his sense of justice and dignity.

30. When Cecil ridicules Scout on the play ground once again, why does she walk away?

Because her daddy told her not to combat.

31. Francis upsets Scout when he states that nobody wants Dill. Why is this a hypocritical statement from Francis?

This is hypocritical of francis to say because nobody desires him.

32. What does Scout do to cause Uncle Jack to reprimand her on Christmas at her Auntie Alexandra’s house?

She punches Francis.

33. What does Uncle Jack gain from Scout?

He discovers that Francis called Atticus a “Nigger-lover”

Chapter 10:

34. Jem and Scout are rather disappointed that Atticus is not as athletic as some other daddies. What takes place to alter their minds?

To change their mind he shoots a pet dog from a distance and kills in on the very first shot.

35. Why do Miss Maudie and Atticus inform the children it is a sin to eliminate a mockingbird? Basically, describe what this implies.

By this she indicates not to harm something innocent, like a mockingbird.

Chapter 11:

36. What did Jem do to Mrs. Dubose?

Jem ruins her bushes

37. Why does Jem do this to Mrs. Dubose?

Because she insulted Atticus

38. Due to the fact that of this, what does Jem need to do every day for a month?

He now needs to read to her everyday.

39. After Mrs. Dubose dies, what do the children learn about her?

They learn that she was battling a dependency to morphine

40. What does Mrs. Dubose leave for Jem?

She leaves him a single white flower from the bushes he messed up.

41. Why does Atticus believe she left this for Jem?

Atticus thinks that this flower represents purity.

42. How does Atticus specify guts? Specify.

Atticus specifies courage as understanding you’re licked prior to you start however starting anyhow.

43. Call 2 characters who exhibit this guts. Explain.

Atticus displays this courage due to the fact that in the case he’s dealing with he practically understands that he will lose, however goes through with it anyway and protects his customer.

Chapter 12-14:

44. Where does Calpurnia take Jem and Scout?

She takes them to her church.

45. Why is Lula distressed that Calpurnia has brought Jem and Scout?

Lula is upset because their church is a colored just church.

46. Why is everyone else pleased that Jem and Scout exist?

Everyone mores than happy that they’re there since they understand their father.

47. How do we see partition in chapter 12?

We see partition in chapter 12 from seeing the colored just church, and how it’s bad and old however individuals still come anyhow.

48. Why does Aunt Alexandra come to stick with the Finches?

She feels that she might be a female impact.

49. How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurnia? Explain.

Aunt Alexandra doesn’t believe that she should be taking the kids to her church.

50. At the end of chapter 13, Atticus lectures the kids using Aunt Alexandra’s words rather of his own. Scout sobs, and Atticus tells the kids to forget everything he has actually just said. What does this program about Atticus’ character?

This reveals that Atticus is an honest guy who takes care of his kids

51. In chapter 14, what does Jem do that makes Scout refer to him as a “traitor”?

In chapter 14 they find Dill concealing under their beds however Jem immediately informs Atticus.

52. Why did Dill actually run away?

Dill ran away since his parents ignore him and don’t care for him. Or offer him the attention that he is worthy of.

53. At the end of chapter 14, Scout marvels why Boo Radley never ever ran away. What does this declaration expose about her brand-new perceptions of Boo?

This reveals that Scout may be starting to understand Boo.

Chapter 15:

54. Why does Scout discover it odd when Atticus takes the automobile to his office late at night?

55. Why does Jem decide to follow him?

They choose to follow him because they’re worried.

56. Where do the children discover Atticus?

They discover him in front of prison.

57. Why do you believe Scout’s worried rambling triggers the mob to disperse?

Due to the fact that the crowd understood that scout is simply an innocent kid. Which what they’re doing is wrong.

58. Who do the kids hear asking Atticus if the mob is gone?

59. Who had Atticus’ back?

60. Why does Dill ask to bring Atticus’ chair?

61. How does Scout understand that Jem is not in trouble for disobeying Atticus? -Scout knows that jem is not in difficulty since he was just revealing his maturity by standing by his dad.

Chapter 16:

62. How does Atticus describe the mob’s habits?

He says she should attempt to comprehend by putting herself in his shoes.

63. Describe Mr. Delphos Raymond. Consist of why some of his next-door neighbors do not agree with his way of life.

Mr. Delphos is a rich electrical expert, some of his neighbors do not like him because he is included with black individuals.

64. Where do the children sit during the trial? Why is this substantial?

They children being in the colored area throughout the trial, this shows their lack of bigotry that the rest of the crowd does not have.

Chapter 17-18:

65. Summarize what is revealed throughout Sheriff Heck Tate’s testament.

Bob Urged Heck to go to the ewell house that evening, and he arived to discover his child bruised and stating that she was raped.

66. What do you consider Bob Ewell?

I believe that bob represents the poor, oblivious side of maycomb.

67. Summarize what is revealed during Bob Ewell’s Testimony. What is Atticus attempting to prove?

It is revealed that bob claims to have been coming home from the woods when he saw his daughter being raped, and that when we got there tom got away from the scene.

68. Does Mayella look like a trusted witness? Why or why not? Be specific.

No, I do not think that she’s a trustworthy witness due to the fact that she was mistreated and her mind is most likely truly ruined from what he father has done to her.

Chapters 19-21:

69. What proof does Atticus utilize to reveal that Tom Robinson could not have beat Mayella up?

Atticus states that Tom couldn’t have bruised her since the bruises are on the best side of her face, and his left arm is useless.

70. Who does Atticus think harmed Mayella?

Atticus believes it was her father who beat her.

71. Summarize Tom Robinson’s side of the story.

Tom states that Mayella sent the kids to get ice cream so she might have him alone and hug him around the waist and what not.

72. Why does Mr. Gilmer act upset when Tom Robinson states he felt sorry for Mayella?

Since is demonstrates how innocent Tom truly is.

73. Why is Dill so upset?

Dill is sad due to the fact that he knows that Tom was wrongfully accused.

Chapters 22-23

78. Why is Jem so devastated by the verdict?

Jem is devestated due to the fact that he knows that Tom was wrongfully accused.

79. What do Tom Robinson’s friends and family leave for Atticus?

Why does not Atticus desire them to send gifts? Tom’s friends send Atticus food.

80. In spite of the guilty verdict, why does Miss Maudie tell the children that Maycomb County has taken a baby step?

Since she believes that the town is slowely ending up being more and more comprehending about what is going on.

81. What did Bob Ewell do to Atticus? How does Atticus react? What does this reveal about Atticus’ character?

Bob threatened Atticus however Atticus is not scared due to the fact that he knows it’s just because Atticus made him look like a fool.

82. How does Atticus effort to discuss the trial to a disillusioned Jem?

That it is made complex why the jury votes the way it does. People in the town interact with each other and no one wants to stand and go against majority.

83. Thoroughly read the last page of chapter 23. Why do you think Jem appears so jaded?

Jem believes Scout’s words to the contrary reflect her innocence and naivete. How do her words likewise show her maturity?

84. At the end of chapter 23, Jem forms a brand-new theory about why Boo Radley has actually never left his house in years. What is his theory?

Chapter 24-25:

85. Miss Maudie feels the ladies at Aunt Alexandra’s Missionary Tea are hypocrites. Discuss their hypocrisy.

The females at the tea party are vowing to assist starving individuals in Africa, yet they refuse to lend an assisting hand to the African Americans in their very own town.

86. Why do the prison guards declare they needed to shoot Tom Robinson? Why doesn’t this description make sense?

87. Why does not Jem want Scout to eliminate the roly-poly? How does this short occurrence associate with major occasions and themes in the novel?

The bug hasn’t done anything wrong. Just like mockingbirds. it is an innocent little animal and does not require to be squashed.

88. Mr. Underwood’s editorial likens Tom’s death to the ridiculous killing of songbirds.

Think about what it means to kill a mockingbird. How does the mockingbird represent Tom Robinson? Tom, like mockingbirds, hasn’t done anything wrong. He was around often to help Mayella (similar to songbirds are around to sing). Bob and Mayella blamed him for the pounding and raping of Mayella and the town “killed” him by discovering him guilty instead of recognizing his innocence.

89. Why is it so substantial that Mr. Underwood composed this editorial? What does this program?

It is substantial since Mr. Underwood generally stays out of these matters and it is very important that another person is standing up for what is right. Gradually things in Maycomb may change. He is openly publishing a review on the bigotry of Maycomb. He is stating the colored guy was right, and the white male wrong.

90. After Cecil Jacobs brings in an existing event about Adolf Hitler, what does Miss Gates teach the children about the United States of America?

She’s teaches them that America is a democracy.

91. Why does Scout believe Miss Gates is a hypocrite?

Because she is totally versus hitler and what he’s doing, but treats black people in her area practically the exact same.

92. Who else is Bob Ewell bothering? How so?

Bob is likewise bugging the judge by sneaking around in his home.

93. What will Hunt be dressed as in the Halloween Pageant?

Scout will be impersonated a ham.

Chapter 28-31

94. Why does Mrs. Merriweather think that Scout has destroyed her program?

Because she fell asleep and entered late.

95. Why does Scout wear her costume home?

96. How does this impact her understanding of what occurs next?

En route house she was assaulted and stabbed however the metal in the outfit saved her.

97. Who seeks the kids?

Bob Ewell

98. Who saves the children?

Boo Radley

99. What does Auntie Alexandra bring Scout to place on after the attack?

Why is this so substantial?

100. Initially, who does Atticus think killed the attacker?

101. What description does Constable Heck Tate offer for the aggressor’s death?

102. Who does Constable Heck Tate presume he is securing with the above explanation?

103. What does Scout say it would resemble if they turned this guy in for murder?

What does she imply by this?

104. When Scout strolls Boo Radley home, through whose eyes does she see the neighborhood?

105. Scout feels that Boo Radley has given her a lot, but she feels guilty that she has actually not returned the favor. How is she incorrect? (What have Jem and Scout given Boo? )

106. Why is the story Atticus reads to Scout at end of the novel so fitting?

107. Reread the first paragraph of chapter one. Which questions have been answered?