To Kill A Mockingbird – Tom Robinson

To Kill A Mockingbird– Tom Robinson

Mockingbirds are killed daily with no factor. Their only sin is to “make music for us to delight in, sing their hearts out for us”however often times the cost of innocence is death (119 ). Many people are not gotten ready for the evil they experience, and as an outcome, they are ruined. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee utilizes Tom Robinson’s innocence and dark color of his black velvet skin, in order to show the ridiculous persecution discovered throughout the hypocrisy and lies of Maycomb.

Many individuals tend to blind themselves to the reality, which is what occurred with Tom Robinson. He was accused of raping Mayella Ewell, but his only sin was being “the only person who was ever good to her [Mayella] helping her every day without charging her anything just because he felt “ideal sorry for her”( 257,264). His innocence is shown in different forms; among them being the name Robinson, Tom’s surname that comes from the bird robin.

As a robin’s lovely, intricate and nearly continuous song brings joy to us, Tom Robinson brought delight and joy constantly to the dog’s life of Mayella Ewell, however the robins are threatened by the blue jays, damaging their innocence, just as Maycomb ruined Tom’s. Besides his left arm, Tom Robinson’s biggest impairment is his skin color. Harper Lee explains him as a “black-velvet Negro, not shiny however soft black velour” (257 ). Black velour is a pure and outright black, which, in part reveals his pureness, yet the only thing that his black skin gave him was death “at the minute Mayella opened her mouth and screamed” (323 ).

Regardless of substantial evidence of Tom’s innocence, he was stated guilty, even if of Maycomb’s prejudice against the colored people, the ones that created revenues for them. At the same time, white, is used by Harper Lee to explain, “The white of his eyes [Tom’s] eyes [that] shone on his face” simply as the “flashes of his teeth” when he spoke (257 ). His eyes are the mirrors of his soul, purity and innocence, wishing to stop this racial bias at last, but often times a good intent can turn around and ruin you.

Left arm is associated with your supportive and nurturing nature. Tom is referred to as a muscular guy with “effective shoulders” but his “left arm was totally twelve inches much shorter than his right” due to the fact that “he got caught in a cotton gin” and “tore all the muscles loose from his bones” (248,249). This disability represents, in one way, the injustice and slavery, given by, the effort assigned only to colored people, and on the other hand, the persecution against the colored individuals, which rejected them any possibilities to grow as a person.

This persecution, based in racism and partition, ended with Tom’s life with 17 shots. The number 17 reveals us the cruelty of a town filled with bias, however likewise has a various analysis, related with death. The other significance is “I lived” for that reason “I’m dead”, so this number reconfirms that he is dead and reveals “the senseless slaughter of songbirds” and “the evil assumption that all Negroes lie, and all Negroes are essentially unethical beings” (323, 273).

Tom was without any guilt somebody could have blamed him of, because of his innocence and his race he was unjustly persecuted till death. Despite the fact that helping Mayella might trigger Tom numerous troubles, he did so kindly none the less. He provided adequate proof to reveal he had no fault, he was a pure guy ruined by rumors and lies. This reveals us that below the physical, there can be something that no one expects, truth.