To Kill a Mockingbird:Harper Lee: Scout’s Curiosity

To Eliminate a Mockingbird: Harper Lee: Scout’s Curiosity

Tree to capture seen Disregards ml Ana runs toward Attic’s, demonstrating her self-reliance. An example of how she thinks in the minority is exhibited when she asks Attic’s, “Are we going to win it,” (76 ). Scout is asking if he will win the case. Most of the people in Macomb have been taken control of by racism, however she comes from the little group of people that believe in equality within the neighborhood. She desires Attic’s to win given that prejudice has not taken control of her mind. She believes in equality, just like her dad.

Scout’s curiosity leads her to become more independent wrought her childhood yet she still needs the help of Gem and Attic’s. Scout’s interest significantly affects many people in Macomb by questioning their continuing prejudice. When Scout follows Gem and Dill to the Jailhouse to see if Attic’s is safe, Scout affects Mr. Walter Cunningham, by talking with him. He and the mob that he is with had planned to kill Tom Robinson and maybe even Attic’s, but Scout, Just a child, stopped them. She runs up and starts making discussion with Walter.

This makes “Walter Cunningham stand in [Attic’s’] shoes,” (157) and hint twice about what he is doing. He then purchases the group of men to leave. “It took an eight-year-old child to bring ‘me to their senses” (1 57), Attic’s said acrimoniously afterward. She also has a huge impact on Boo Raddled. Because Boo always stays within, he has noticed Scout and Gem trying, hopelessly, to get Boo out. Boo knows exactly what they depend on and where they are at all times. On the night of Halloween, Scout and Gem are attacked by Bob Lowell and Boo saves them. He would not have actually been able to save them if the kids had not played outside his home.

Scout doesn’t know that she affected him, however she did, along with the assistance of Gem. In the end, Boo conserved their life due to the fact that of Scout’s curiosity. Scout’s curious behavior plays a crucial role in the life of the neighborhood, together with her own character. As a result of this curiosity, she conserves the life of Attic’s, Tom Robinson, Gem, and herself and she rescues Boo from his lonely life. She has actually learned to decline bias in life, specifically toward particular people, such as blacks or Boo Raddled. Nevertheless, the majority of Macomb has yet to realize the harsh affects of their prejudices.