West Side Story Spin on Romeo and Juliet

Fiction, whether it is a movie, play or a story depicts an assortment of human emotions. Although people experience a variety of emotions, the most influential among them is the sensation of love. Love has varied forms, it can be the tenderly love of a mother, the affectionate love of a friend or the enthusiastic love of a young adult for his/her lover.

Numerous stories and plays have been written illustrating this passionate love. This kind of love is a preferred subject of filmmakers; fans are represented in the motion pictures again and again. The audiences are attracted to the romantic representation of love in these movies.

One such tale of love is “Romeo and Juliet”, a play composed by William Shakespeare. The central characters in the play are the young lovers, Romeo and Juliet who have become the quintessence of young enthusiasts all over the world. This tragical romance has actually been the subject of numerous movies. The most famous motion picture which is a variation of the romantic disaster of Romeo and Juliet is the “West Side Story”, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. Although the plot of the film “West Side Story” is based on the play “Romeo and Juliet”, there are differences as far as the styling and the end of the movie is concerned.

Representation of Romeo and Juliet The play “Romeo and Juliet”, a romantic catastrophe by Shakespeare, illustrates the story of two fans who meet a terrible end in the course of their romance. The play is embeded in the city of Verona, where households of Capulet and Montague are regularly combating versus each other. In the middle of this animosity, Romeo, the son of Montague and Juliet, the daughter of Capulet fall in love the very minute they see each other in a party. However fate leads them to their tragic end, as both the lovers kill themselves. West Side Story” by Robert Wise, is an adjustment of the classic romance, Romeo and Juliet. The story has actually been modified according to the needs of contemporary times. The feuding households are changed by the American gang, the Jets and the gang from Puerto Rica, the Sharks. The Jets hate the Sharks, for they think that the Sharks have actually invaded their territory. The young fans in the motion picture are Tony, a member of the Jets gang and Maria who is the sister of Bernardo, the leader of Sharks gang. Tony and Maria fall for each other when they fulfill at a dance party.

They like each other passionately, forgetting the feud between their particular gangs. In a battle between Riff and Bernardo, Riff is eliminated by Bernardo. Irritated at the death of his friend, Tony kills Bernardo. When Tony describes the scenario to Maria, she forgives Tony for killing her sibling as she is deeply in love with him. But Tony is killed by Chino, a member of Sharks gang when Tony comes out in the streets, upon hearing the incorrect message of Maria’s death. Maria is shattered by the death of Tony as fate snatches away her love from her.

The timeless tale of love of Romeo and Juliet is portrayed in the motion picture in a different setting and way. Styling The design adopted by Robert Wise in the movie varies from the play “Romeo and Juliet”. The romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet is illustrated in the motion picture in an urban setting and in different scenarios. The contemporary society in the motion picture is in tune with the present times. The film with its story of romantic love, outstanding music and dynamic dance captures the attention of the audiences. The movie prospers in recording the eagerness of the youth through the vibrant dancing.

The tender love which flowers in the middle of the hatred and rivalry of the gangs touches the heart. The enthusiasm portrayed in the motion picture resembles the enthusiasm of Romeo and Juliet however the expression of their love and the environments in which Tony and Maria fulfill are various. The modern-day design provided in the movie comes up with the old story of Romeo and Juliet in a new and attractive kind. The tunes and dances in the movie make the story more lively and lively. The film is altered to match the tastes of people in the modern-day times who see movie as a source of home entertainment and leisure.

The environment and the characters in the film reflect the society in which the audiences are leading their lives. The setting of the play “Romeo and Juliet” is far various from the environment of the modern society. Changes There are numerous changes in the movie when compared to the plot of the play “Romeo and Juliet”. The competition between the families of Romeo and Juliet is depicted through the animosity of the Jets gang and Sharks gang. The plot is likewise altered according to the requirements of a movie.

In the play “Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo and Juliet marry privately but in the film Tony and Maria never get wed. Fate plays a crucial function in the awful story of Romeo and Juliet. It is this fate that leads to the death of Romeo and Juliet. However in the motion picture, the death of Tony is caused, owing to the competition of the Jets gang and the Sharks gang. “It is not a cosmic misconception but mad shooting that eliminates Tony, and Maria doesn’t die at all; she snatches the weapon and threatens to shoot herself, however drops it– possibly since suicide would have been too heavy a load for the motion picture to carry. (Ebert). The ending of the motion picture is likewise various from the ending of the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Ending The play “Romeo and Juliet” ends with the suicide of Romeo and Juliet. To save Juliet from weding another guy, Lawrence designs a strategy according to which Juliet will drink a potion that will make her look like if she is dead. Juliet consumes the potion on the night prior to her wedding and her family mourns her death, as the effect of the potion makes them to believe that Juliet is dead. But Romeo, oblivious of the strategy, is shocked when he hears about Juliet’s death.

Heart-broken and dejected, he ends his life at the tomb of Juliet, by taking in poison. Upon waking up Juliet discovers Romeo dead, she likewise kills herself with the Romeo’s dagger. In the film, Tony is killed by a member of the Sharks gang. Although Maria is ravaged by Tony’s death, she is not shown as devoting suicide. The death of Romeo and Juliet is triggered by a misconception; this aspect makes the story of Romeo and Juliet more tragic. Tony passes away in the motion picture, owing to the gang competition.

In spite of being shattered by the death of her fan, Maria holds herself from killing herself. Conclusion The motion picture “West Side Story” is adjusted from the play “Romeo and Juliet”. The style and setting in the film has been changed according to the needs of the modern society. The plot of the play “Romeo and Juliet” is more terrible compared to the story of the motion picture “West Side Story”. Romeo and Juliet end their lives in the play whereas Tony is killed by a member of Sharks gang. Maria is grief-stricken by Tony’s death but she stops herself from taking her own life.