Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

Essay topic: Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? The awful death of Romeo and Juliet can be totaled up to the numerous elements and influences, however, it can be condensed to the feuding families of Capulets and Montagues, the good-hearted Friar Lawrence and the actions of the ‘star-cross ‘d enthusiasts’. The ill-fated death of the young enthusiasts is an effect of the unfortunate occasions and scenarios developed by these characters pointed out. The ‘ancient grudge’ in between the Capulets and Montagues sets the structure for regrettable events that catapults their offspring to their ultimate demise.

The ‘pernicious rage’ between both homes ‘alike in dignity’ has significant impact on the course of Romeo and Juliet’s lamentable romance. Most significantly, the existence of the quarrel provides a substantial obstacle for Romeo and Juliet to eventually ‘be together’ and enjoy their courtship. The ‘canker ‘d hate’ between old Capulet and Montague has being so saturated in Romeo and Juliet that from the get go, both hide their relationship and take the’devoted vow’ in surreptitiously. The quarrel has actually led to violence as an accepted part of life for the 2 and an acceptable way to deal with issues.

Romeo is required to safeguard his family’s honour and his own by avenging the death of Mercutio resulting in the death of Tybalt although Romeo had actually certainly tried to prevent any violence with the cousin of this dear other half leading to the banishment of Romeo to Mantua. The reliable parenting causes Romeo and Juliet to illogical decisions as a way to solving their issues as they see no other way. Old Capulet and Lady Capulet in particular are much more powerful of their opinions on Juliet and anticipate her to uphold their dreams.

After the death of Tybalt, OId Capulet hastens his preparations for the marriage in between the count and Juliet pressing Juliet over the edge leading her to dreadful and harmful decisions to be with her ‘true love’. The actions of the Capulets and Montagues are accountable for the numerous occasions that cause the awful death of Romeo and Juliet. The kindhearted Friar Lawrence produces numerous issues in the tale of Romeo and Juliet although his objectives are good-hearted. Although the Friar is ary of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, he immediately consents to be Romeos ‘assistant’ in hopes of turning their ‘family’s rancour to pure love’ and unifies the fans with a ‘faithful vow’. The friar not just ignores his ‘misgivings’ but likewise plays privy to the relationship and marriage of the ‘star-cross ‘d lovers’. The priest inadvertently feeds Romeo and Juliet reckless and severe ideas and develops to guarantee that their love will reside on. When Juliet concerned him with ‘wild appearances’, Friar Lawrence suggests that Juliet take a sleeping potion before her ‘marriage’ to Count Paris and feign death up until the arrival of her lord, Romeo.

This again demands making use of dishonesty for Juliet to her parents. When Romeo gets news the ‘death’ of his ‘true love’ he jumps to conclusions and purchases a vial of poison to take his own life with. Friar Lawrence was not prepared for this turn of occasions though he created a strategy that Romeo should ‘understand our drift’ things did not happen so and Romeo takes his life. When Juliet awakens to find toxin be Romeo’s ‘classic end’ she too takes her life after the friar had accidentally promoted and encouraged the rash decisions of the two lovers.

Although the friar had kind-hearted intents he was ‘miscarried’ and as a result was accountable for the bereavement of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet’s own rash and naive decisions contribute mostly to their ‘untimely death’. Both Romeo and Juliet identify the risk in their courtship when the pertained to the realisation that their love is ‘sprung from … just hate’ but continue to court each other in clandestine and still think that they can associate with each other.

The resolution of marital relationship for Romeo and Juliet was one of hastiness and impulsiveness; the couple had known each other for but a few hours! Although Juliet feels that their love was ‘too rash … too like lightening’ she still discusses marriage. Romeo heeds no get the friar’s smart words to be ‘sensibly and slow’ and consents to exchange the ‘devoted vow’. The set are an ‘hour but married’ and Romeo is ‘banish ‘d’ for slewing Tybalt, when again the young enthusiasts rush to practiced their marriage before Romeo escapes to Mantua.

When Balthasar brings tidings of Juliet’s ‘death’, he likewise recommends Romeo to ‘have persistence’ but Romeo inflicted with desperation and self-pity, yet again pays no attention and hastens to the Capulets monolith where he proceeds in taking his life swiftly although he had actually observed that Juliet’s lips were ‘crimson’ still. The couple in their passionate throws and young naivety held no respect to the wise suggestions they were provided by the friar nor did they pay attention to their own suspicions of warning and ultimately their ‘unfortunate’ death can be attributed by their own actions and behaviours.

In conclusion, the severe death of Romeo and Juliet is subsequently the duty of not one lone character however various characters and events that occurred. The ‘fury’ of the Capulets and Montagues, the ignorant Friar Lawrence and Romeo and Juliet themselves play essential functions in the miseries that resulted in the casualty of not just Romeo and Juliet but Tybalt and Mercutio too, ‘all are punish ‘d’.