Who’s to Blame: Romeo and Juliet

Who’s to Blame: Romeo and Juliet

Who’s to Blame? There are few pieces of literature that stay ageless and prominent throughout the years that can affect and amuse multiple generations of individuals, and the story of Romeo and Juliet Is among these few gems. Embed in the Italian city of Verona, Romeo and Juliet tells the tale of 2 star-crossed lovers who can not be together because of a family feud. The story ends in tragedy with both Romeo and Juliet passing away, along with other characters In the story.

Though there are numerous characters In the story that nutrient to the young lovers’ deaths and the rest of the characters’ fates, Romeo bears the most regret of the characters In Romeo and Juliet since of his inability to believe before acting. Throughout the course of the play, Romeo makes rash decisions without putting any forethought into it, and this ultimately results in the deaths of him, Juliet, and the characters. For example, when Table killed Mercuric, Romeo went after Table and killed him to avenge his buddy.

Romeo, himself, was even happy to die for his buddy ND says “Either thou or l, or both, must go with him’ (Ill. I. 1 25). Though avenging the death of his buddy was a noble action, this occurrence result in the banishment of Romeo which triggered the death of his mother and other troublesome events that transpires later on in the catastrophe. Also, at the start of the play, Romeo declares he enjoys a lady named Rosalie and his causes him to fall under a duration of anxiety because she declines his love for her.

Nevertheless, after he spends a little fraction of time tit Juliet, Romeo entirely forgets the lady he was pining after and switches to Juliet without a second thought. Less than twenty-four hours after he fulfills Juliet, Romeo marries her despite the fact that he has only known her for a small amount of time. Hurrying into the marital relationship without offering it time or rational thought is a main factor for the 2 lovers’ deaths, and according to Friar Lawrence “They stumble that run quickly” (al. Iii.

94). Likewise, Romeo impulsively hurries the burial place where Juliet is buried right away after hearing news from Ballista that she passed away where he then drowns a bottle of toxin that kills him. This results in Gullet’s death due to the fact that she awakens from her deep sleep, she sees Romeos remains beside her and eliminates herself to be with him in death. Romeo bolts to the burial place with no rational consideration of what the consequences may be due to the fact that his love and sensations for her were so enthusiastic. Other characters contributed considerably to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, however none of these people bear as much regret for the deaths compared to the youngest

Montague. For example, Table might be one to blame due to the fact that Instigates the battle in between him and Romeo, and then kills Mercuric in a sword battle after Romeo at first doesn’t accept his request to fight. Romeo then slays Table which results in his banishment. Though Table initiated the battle in between him and Romeo, Romeo was the one who sparked the rage within Table when he participated in the Caplet feast without an invitation completely understanding that going to will lead to “Some repercussion hanging In the stars” (1. “. ‘. 109). Who’s to Blame: Romeo and Juliet

By Johannesburg of Romeo and Juliet is one of these couple of gems. Set in the Italian city of Verona, Romeo other characters in the story. Though there are several characters in the story that bears the most guilt of the characters in Romeo and Juliet because of his inability to Montague. For example, Table might be one to blame since instigates the duel in between him and Romeo, and after that eliminates Mercuric in a sword fight after Romeo initially doesn’t accept his request to battle. Romeo then kills Table which results in awaiting the stars” (l. Iv. 109).