Why Linda is Weak in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

I think that Linda is weak for several factors. Looking into point of view, I understand that a lady in this era would need to deal with the fact that their other half is cheating on her in order to keep the assistance that he attends to the whole family. Throughout this time period, divorced ladies were looked down on because they had actually left their house and were thought about failures. Linda continued to overlook the reality that Willy was cheating; she would not admit it to herself. This caused her pretending that whatever was great.

Linda’s greatest battle is that she believes everything her partner states and does not hesitate about it. She is positive and thinks that the future will be better, although she is aware of Willy’s suicide efforts but does not face him. Throughout the play, she conveys how she wants Biff and Pleased to reveal a little more respect to Willy so that they could have perfect household.

If I remained in Linda’s position, I would question Willy the minute I had any suspicions. And if it was confirmed that he was cheating on me? I would leave him right now. There is no point in staying with someone who doesn’t enjoy you, since if he really did love Linda, he wouldn’t have actually even thought about cheating on her. Someone who cheats is a liar, and no matter the number of times you forgive them, they will somehow find a way to do it again. I have not only lost respect for people who cheat, however likewise for people who stick with their unfaithful partner.

I understand that it is simpler stated than done, but I hope to be more powerful than Linda was. She declared that she liked Willy, however she knew about his suicide attempts and did nothing. It does not matter if you dislike somebody or love them. If you understand that somebody is self-destructive, how can you simply sit there and do nothing. It is your fault simply as much as it is theirs. You might too put a bullet to their head and do it yourself.

In general, I strongly support my opinion that Linda is weak. Not only is she weak, she is also naive. She really believes that she is helping Willy by believing his lies, but in truth, she is the one killing him.