Winter Dreams and Soldier’s Home

Winter Season Dreams and Soldier’s Home

In the story “Winter season Dreams”, the main character, Dexter Green, is extremely worried about success and status and shops his joy. In this story, Dexter is the son of a owner of the second-best supermarket in Black Bear, Minnesota. He caddies at a golf course in the warmer months to earn money. While working, he meets a woman called Judy Jones who he discovers attractive. She asks him to carry her clubs however he couldn’t due to a previous job he was working. He later stops and starts going to state school.

This drives him to long for material success. Once ended up college, Dexter obtains $1,000 and purchases a partnership in a laundry. By age 27, he owns the biggest chain of laundries in the upper Midwest. He sells business and transfers to New York. Time goes back when Dexter and Judy dated. During this time he succumbs to her after a kiss. During a picnic she entrusts to another man. She claims that nothing happened in between her and the other man, but Dexter does not believe her.

Things begin to turn for the worst for the young couple and Dexter discovers himself engaged to another lady named Irene. Irene’s headache cancels the wedding event. He goes back to the University Club and he runs into Judy, she flirts with him and demands them getting wed. He agrees and does not be sorry for messing up his reputation or betraying Irene. He enjoys Judy above all and thinks that Judy is worth it. He chooses to relocate to New York with Judy but WWI breaks out and he is required to go west and enter fundamental training, leaving Judy behind.

Seven years later he finds that Judy has actually gotten remarried to a male who is awful and cheats on her while she is house with their kids. He sobs since he will never ever get his youth back. In “Soldier’s House,” it tells a story about a man named Krebs. Krebs went to the war in 1917 and returns in 1919. When he returns, no one celebrates. The greeting of heroes was over, nobody wishes to hear his depressing war stories. To his more youthful sis and to his mom he’s a hero, however they even get bored with his war stories.

Individuals appeared to believe it was rather ludicrous for Krebs to be returning so late, years after the war was over. Throughout this time, Krebs notifications absolutely nothing about the town has actually changed other than for them ladies, which he seems to discover an unique interest in. He likes to enjoy women strolling down through the town, he does not want to get involved with them, he just enjoys seeing them, which isn’t odd at all. While eating breakfast, Kreb’s mom informs him that he requires to get a job. After all, she states, the other kids his age are getting jobs and other halves.

The army taught him that he did not require a lady, however he would like one, simply not the drama that comes with it. She asks if he loves her. He states no, which hurts her. Krebs informs her that he did not suggest it and that he will try to be good. She asks him to kneel with her and pray. She prays, but he can not, So his mom wished him. In the very first story, the author is attempting to inform his audience money can not make you pleased. I likewise think the author was stating joy is a choice, its not based on what you have.

Dexter seems to have everything he desires however happiness like in the story can be misinterpreted as material things and that can send you down the incorrect road. In the end you’re the only individual standing in the way of your joy. In the second story, I think the author is stating you can’t live a life of no effects. Krebs comes back from the war expecting life to be handed to him however you need to work for what you get. From what I collected from both stories, everything was generally referring to the American Dream. Everyone wants the life of liberty, wealth, and purpose.