Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams Essay

Matthew Bruccoli composed, “The 4 closing paragraphs of this story are identified by Fitzgerald’s complicated explication of Dexter’s sense of mutability: he grieves for the loss of his capability to grieve.” This statement is about the main character Dexter, in Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams”. I agree that the last four paragraphs show a man whose dream does not end up the way expects it. Dexter strove and in the end, the dream was gone, taken from him.

The last line supports Bruccoli’s statement,” I can not sob. I can not care. That thing will come back no more. What Dexter is speaking about is his dream or the classic “American Dream. ”

The primary character of this story Dexter has a vision of success; he wishes to pursue the American Dream, money, status, and class. While chasing his objectives he wishes to climb up the latter of wealth and after that wed gorgeous Judy Jones. Little bit does Dexter know where this journey is going to take him, the American Dream is something that every person would like to someday reach, but what happens when you get the American Dream? Fitzgerald’s voice is clearly heard in this novel because he reveals the parallels’ in between Dexter’s “Winters Dream” and the American Dream.

He presents this concept of idealism in a negative method, informing the reader the hidden opinion that the American Dream isn’t genuine which all there is left after the glitz and glam are gone is a trembling feel of emptiness. “Winter season Dreams” is a narrative that takes place over a period of twenty years. The American Dream is something that came about in the mid-1900’s this is something that Dexter strives to have. He wants to belong of the elite and when he finishes from a distinguished eastern college he becomes a partner in a laundry business.

This makes Dexter extremely rich and successful and he recognizes that he has 2 things that are necessary to American Character: self-confidence and effort. He has always had the drive to prosper, even when he stopped his job as a caddy his employer begged him “with tears in his eyes,” not to quit the job. He likewise radiates self-confidence when he gives up since he understands that he can do much better for himself. Also he wished to be seen as equivalent not inferior to Judy Jones and he works extremely hard throughout this whole story to accomplish that. Dexter Green’s whole life, individual choices, and aspirations were considerably influenced by the extraordinary power Judy had on him.

His deadly tourist attraction towards her is something that he can never ever quite shake till completion of this novel. Judy Jones represents all of the important things that Dexter can’t have. She is unattainable, just as money, power and success are to a four-teen year old young boy; four-teen was the age Judy and Dexter initially satisfied. At twenty three Dexter met Judy again in a golf nation club, where they became sentimentally involved. Very soon in the story the reader understands that Judy’s good appearances and flirtatious habits has the terrific power to conquer various men, including Dexter, making them absolutely powerless and blindly fall for her.

Judy becomes the ammo to Dexter’s American Dream she is the ultimate goal Dexter wishes to achieve. When he finally catches her eye and they being to date, it doesn’t take wish for Judy’s damaging character and shallowness to emerge. Dexter realizes that he is simply something that she can play with and when she gets tired with one suitor she rapidly throws them out and changes them with a new one. Her supreme concern is for her own desires and she doesn’t care about anybody she steps on along the method.

Unfortunately for Dexter this devastating video game triggers absolutely nothing but hurt and disparaging unhappiness for him. Judy and Dexter are briefly engaged and throughout this time they both suffer a great deal of disillusionment and pain. “Winter season Dreams,” explores many styles that stand apart, but the main theme that Fitzgerald addresses is without a doubt the American Dream and its hollowness at the end of the roadway. This is a timeless story of life lessons, love, and pursuing inner dreams and objectives. The manner in which Fitzgerald utilizes Judy Jones to represent and entire way of life and goal of a character is genius.

The American Dream is something that an individual works towards and can not reach by impatience it’s a goal that ought to be reached overtime, something that ought to not be permitted to take control of your life. Since we are encouraged to chase our goals and follow our dreams, people get captured up in the dream and the illusion and don’t look towards the reality. Then you end up without the ability of mourning and miss the loss of even that. The last four paragraphs sum up all the goals Dexter had, lost. He stated they had actually existed as soon as however no longer do, and will never ever return once again.